Beautiful look

Professional equipment, trained groomer, cozy place - all is for your dog happiness so your pet will feel like at home

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Healthy dog

Grooming often provides the earliest opportunity to spot signs of tumors, allergies and other medical issues, helping to catch small problems before they become big ones. So this will help your pet stay healthy and happy

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Your dog needs

The specialist will know what your dog needs, how to take care of him, you will be advised on lots of aspects you have to know if you own a pet.

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Dog Heaven mission

With experience, we believe that gentle handling is the way to groom and it is also the way to help puppies "learn" to like grooming (and lots of hugs and kisses for your pet are provided as well).

Our mission is to make your pet look its best, even at times when the task seems "impossible," while making him/her feel at ease and happy. Also, we would like you to rest assured that he/she is in the best hands possible while away from home.


Your dog needs your care

Regular grooming does not only make your pet look good. It's one of the most basic and important steps in maintaining their good health. Dog Heaven is the best place to make your dog happy and beautiful.