A dog breed who’s gentle and fearless, the Maltese greets everyone as a friend. His glamorous white coat gives him a look of haughty nobility, but looks can be deceiving. This is a sprightly, vigorous dog that excels not only as a companion but also as a therapy dog and competitor in such dog sports as agility, obedience, rally, and tracking. But most of all, he loves to be with his people.
Hypoallergenic:  Yes

Life span:  12 – 15 years


Temperament:  Lively, Playful, Easygoing, Gentle, Docile,

HeightMale: 21–25 cm, Female: 20–23 cm

WeightMale: 3–4 kg, Female: 3–4 kg


The coat is long and silky and lacks an undercoat.  Some Maltese can have curly hair (especially behind their ears), but this is considered a fault. The color of the coat is pure white. A pale ivory tinge is permitted on the ears. In some standards, a pure white coat with slight lemon markings is tolerated.

The Maltese does not shed, and is therefore a good choice for people with dog allergies. Some people prefer their dogs to have the coat short. The most common cut for the Maltese is called “the puppy cut,” which involves trimming or shaving the entire body (skirt, legs/paws, chest, and head fur) to one short length (typically less than an inch long).


Daily care and grooming


The long, fine coat of the Maltese can fairly be considered as a high maintenance one, and so dogs of the breed should be combed and brushed daily in order to keep the coat in good condition.

It is important to begin grooming the Maltese from the time when they are a puppy, in order to get them used to the whole process, which they will need to undergo daily for the rest of their lives!

The best time to groom the dog is after you have come back from a walk and your dog has settled down, and assuming that you keep on top of this and groom the dog daily, it should only take a few minutes at a time.