Ultrasound toothbrush for dogs

Ultrasound Toothbrush for dogs  

80% of all dogs over 3 years old suffer from tooth or gum problems.

Why ultrasound air-oscillations are superior for pet teeth cleaning:

  • No movement or vibration, so your dog does not experience any stress.
  • Penetrates deep into gums, so reaches places no other brush can get.
  • The antibacterial effect cures and prevents carries and gum inflammation.
  • Improves blood circulation, there for stimulating healthy tissue.
  • The abrasion-free technique so does not hurt the enamel.
  • Tooth cleaning and tartar removal remove the risk of anesthesia, saving you money from visiting the vet.

Cleanly Teeth cleans your dog’s teeth and gums and protects them from caries and inflammation in the gums. Cleaning is performed by air-oscillations and a compatible cleaning gel. Compared to a standard brush (manual or sonic) for pets, professionals comment on the ineffectiveness of the standard brush in working to prevent the tartar buildup. Also, for pets that do not easily accept moving or rotating brushes, therefore making the use of these brushes almost completely useless, Cleanly Teeth offers the solution.

After only one session.

Removes Tarter and Stains  

Freshens Breath

Anti-Bacterial effect

 No anaesthetic

Using Ultrasound

No harmful side effects.