Why it is important to groom your dog ?!

Dog grooming is not only about the look or how clean dog is, it is also very important for your dogs health. From the date your dog is born you should introduce him to grooming so this way your dog will get used to this procedure and there will be no real problems for the future.

It is very healthy for your dog when you do brushing. Dog can have long or short hair it does not matter, what matter is that when you do brushing you remove dirt, dead hair, dandruff and other things from your pets fur. If the brushing process becomes regular your dog’s fur benefits from natural oils that are released during the brushing. Oils are spread all over your dogs fur so that is ensuring a protective coating.


When you do brushing you also check your dog’s skin. This may protect your dog from diseases because when you do brushing you see the skin, when you see the skin you might find ticks, fleas, strange spots and something not normal. When you found it at the very beginning there is a big chance of sucessfull dog treatment.
What is really important that every dog is unique. There might not be universal formula how to treat every single dog. Some have long hair some have short. The type of fur is specific. One thing is for sure – you have to know the importance of grooming your dog. You should contact a professional dog groomer because the professional will know what to do with your dog. You will be advised and informed. The best scenario for you should be having your dog groomed by the professional. That is for sure the best option. Dog Heaven is the best place for your dog to be treated right, the best place to groom your dog and get a SPA.

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